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Accommodating as Bostonians

Innovative and inviting. Luxuriously livable

Boston’s history, your future

The birthplace of monumental meetings and events

Weddings. Endless possibilities

Something old. Something new. All about you.

Fresh lingers a lifetime

Mary Dumont’s Cultivar. Year ‘round. Renowned.

Find Your Boston

Custom. Curated. Conversation-worthy.

Ames bedroom

Inside Story

Ames meeting room


Find your Boston

Find your Boston.

Burrow deeper into Boston, and experience curated slices of this great city as only Ames Boston Hotel can deliver.
You pick your sensory pleasure, and we’ll see to it that your immersed in the narrative until the story becomes a part of you. Peruse the contents below as you’re planning your trip, reserve early, and let the anticipation grow until you arrive. We promise it’ll never leave you!

Socially Speaking

  • Cultivar Patio
  • Summer PatioBy the Fire PitOn the patio
  • Evening at Cultivar
  • Cocktail & FortunesCultivarChef Mary & Emily
  • Ames master bedroom
  • Ames ceiling decorAmes Boston Hotel signCultivar
Ames wedding venue

We do everything for your “I do” moments

Join hearts in the heart of Boston, where the romantic character of last century architecture meets the luxurious attention of a boutique hotel that’s committed to your special celebration.

Meetings & events that redefine

100 years of history. 2000 square feet of modern meeting space.
Steps from signature Boston. The destination is complete, and the inspiration surrounds you, making your gathering one for the books.